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Stephanie Rest, Founder

Stephanie Rest, Founder

Stephanie Rest is currently based in Washington D.C working as a consultant, as well as collaborating in the Americas on wellness and education projects. Stephanie’s previous experience in the hospitality industry is vast. She has led opening teams for resorts and spas throughout the Americas.

Stephanie believes in promoting the entrepreneurial-spirit, leadership and service to the community. She was creator and Chair of the first TCI Hospitality Adventures: Spa Camp. Currently, she is preparing for Global Wellness Day held the first week in June annually, where she serves as Global Wellness Day Ambassador for the Caribbean. She is Founder of Caribbean Wellness & Education and also serves on the International Spa Association Speaker Task Force. Recently she has joined the new initiative "Wellness for Children" as Co-chair with the Global Wellness Institute and also serves on the "Global Careership Committee"


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