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Irma Was Strong, But We Are Stronger!

A Story From Anguilla by Catherine Phillips

I have called the sunny and salty Caribbean my home for the past three years and although we don’t experience four distinct seasons, there is a particularly noteworthy time of year called hurricane season. 

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The Caribbean is the World's Spa and OPEN for Business

This is the Year of Wellness & Rejuvenation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is coming back stronger than ever.  The past month has been heartbreaking, as Mother Nature waged war in the Atlantic.  However, the region is resilient and already made many strides to get back on their feet; The Turks and Caicos Islands are welcoming guests back now, USVI are inviting tourists back over the next few weeks, and even some of our partners in Puerto Rico are open for business. 

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Leaders Do Not Create Followers, They Create More Leaders

What is a lesson you have learned as a Wellness & Spa Industry leader?  

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” Maya Angelou

Wherever you are in your career-path, WE all began somewhere. Perhaps you did not envision being a leader. Your leadership path may be one that chose you or one that you were thrust into. However, you were set on this path, evidence shows that those who are actively in a mentor/ mentee relationship see just reward. 

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The Jane Iredale Retail Tower

I just finished Spatec in Florida and had the pleasure of doing set up with Jennifer Thompson, Dir. of Business Development US and Caribbean, our very good friend and Diamond Sponsor from jane iredale.

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Success Story: Gia Robinson

April 6, 2017  Orginially Featured on 

Godgia Robinson was born on March 14, 1999 in The Bahamas. She grew up in Turks and Caicos on the island of Providenciales and was raised by two very loving and supportive parents. They helped foster her love for people and their wellbeing. She also has 3 younger siblings who have always been her favourite clients.

How did you get your start in the spa industry?

After attending spa camp in the summer of 2014 at the age of 13, I was offered an internship at The Spa at The Palms as a locker attended. That was my doorway into the spa industry. I learned about different spa treatments and the type of clientele certain businesses will attract, as well as the different products and the unique benefits they offer. I was also able to see what is expected of a therapist and the different roles they would play in a spa setting.

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WE Registration open for Summer Events

  • June 1st- 5th in Miami, Florida

  • June 10th- 14th at the Warwick, Paradise Island Bahamas

  • Save The Date November 30th- December 3rd Jamaica

WE are participating in the largest International Tourism Event of the Year!

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Spa Talk with Stephanie Rest

American Spa, February 24th, 2017

Meet Stephanie Rest, spa director at Argentta at The Watergate Hotel (Washington, D.C.).

How many years have you been involved in the spa and hospitality industry?

Hospitality is in my blood. I grew up on a golf course, and at nine years old, I could drive a range- picker before a car. I worked in all aspects of the industry from culinary, golf, spa, wellness, to sales, and in most recent years, event and association management.

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GWD Caribbean Challenge

On Monday January 30th, 2017, Caribbean Wellness & Education (WE) travelled to Nassau’s Pompey Square with an empty banner (pictured below) and a dream to unite the Caribbean through Global Wellness Day (GWD). GWD is a day of awareness and celebration to promote a lifestyle that focuses on wellbeing. 2017 will mark the 6th annual GWD, observed on the 2nd Saturday in June, (June 10th, 2017). Last year 90 countries around the world said YES to GWD. WE had a mission prior to arriving to Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s Marketplace (CHTA), where WE was a platinum sponsor and created the 1st ever Wellness Zone on the tradeshow floor, to make the Caribbean the largest region in the to support GWD in 2017.

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Caribbean WE Announces New Wellness-Infusion Events in Nassau

Substance, Sustainability, Style and Sun Jan. 30 - Feb. 3

January 2017 - Washington D.C. In her quest to bring health, wellbeing and business opportunities to the Caribbean, spa industry insider Stephanie Rest is set to launch the first Caribbean WE (Wellness and Education) events in Nassau. The series of inaugural events is set for January 30 - February 3, 2017.

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The Road Ahead, Walking the Path Toward a Meaningful Spa Career

By Stephanie Rest, Originally Posted in the ISPA Magazine Pulse, October 2016

When it comes to building a professional spa career, there's hardly one path to take. Some start as an intern or work as a front desk receptionist before rising through the ranks. Others carve their spa career path working as a therapist before becoming a spa director, respected educator or starting a a spa business. It is inspiring to hear different stories as to how spa professionals started in the industry and the way the persevered to grow into the roles the now play.

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Success Story: Stephanie Rest

By Stephanie Rest Orginially Posted on Spa & Wellness Careers 

Stephanie Rest is currently based in Washington D.C working as a consultant, and collaborating wellness and educational projects in the U.S.A. and Caribbean countries. Stephanie's experience in the hospitality industry has been vast in these regions, as she has led opening teams for resorts and spas.

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Oh, the places you’ll go!

By Stephanie Rest Orginially Posted on Spa & Wellness Careers 

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!”
– Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

As a small girl, I would read and read some more, thoroughly fascinated by other people’s lives: where they lived, how they lived, and why.

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New spa language for developing employees

by Stephanie Rest

Rarely at a spa industry conference do you find a blend of spa suppliers, spa operators, academia’s and policy makers. Washington, D.C. was the perfect backdrop for an unlikely mismatched group of industry professionals attending the 6th Annual Washington Spa Alliance Symposium on March 22, 2016.

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Insider’s Turks and Caicos

The combination of beautiful location, diverse ethnicity, and socially rich customs and food, make these islands an experiential mecca.

by Stephanie Rest

originally posted INSIDER'S GUIDE TO SPAS

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'Get All Right' with Patrick Huey of Sandals Resorts

Patrick Huey is Corporate Director of spa, fitness, and tennis operations for Sandals Resorts International (SRI) and is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. However, with 27 properties in over 7 countries, you will find Patrick moving, shaking and playing tennis allover the Caribbean. Caribbean Spa Association (CSPA), caught up with Patrick off the courts for 5 Tropical minutes.

Each Caribbean island is unique, what makes Jamaica the ‘Get All Right’ island?

Jamaica has majestic mountains, beautiful white sand beaches and some of the calmest, bluest waters in the Caribbean. In addition, Jamaica has a beautiful mix of people and cultures from West Africa, India, China and Europe. So if you want to spend the day hiking in the Blue Mountains, you can. If you want to go snorkeling along a reef or deep sea diving, you can. Or you can taste the amazing foods of the entire world in Jamaica.

You've now been with Sandals for two and half years. What sets Red Lane apart from other island spas?

Red Lane Spa has just launched our own skincare line and reformulated our body care line. We have now created a completely proprietary spa treatment and retail experience based upon the unique ingredients and essences of the locations of our resorts. We also launched our Red Lane Institute so that we are able to train and certify our own therapists and ensure that they are working to international standards of excellence.

Is there something we should look forward to this season from Red Lane Spas?

We have curated two new experiences for Red Lane, which launch in 2016. Our Caribbean Dreams menu which is built around the story of lavender features four treatments designed to help our guests get a good night’s sleep. Using warmed lavender oils and mineral soaks these services are sure to give our guests sweet Caribbean Dreams. We are also launching Caribbean Dusk, which is Red Lane’s After Hours Spa Concept. We offer three beautiful massages - one featuring heated Chinese Jasmine Oil, one featuring a blended Neroli Jasmine massage candle, and the other featuring Egyptian Geranium – to celebrate the beauty and romance of twilight in the Caribbean. These services are performed in the privacy of the guests’ suites and end with champagne and chocolates for the couple.

The Caribbean has its own unique challenges. How do you think potential members could benefit from the Caribbean Spa Association?

I think it is always positive for people to come together to find workable solutions to challenges that exist in all the Caribbean Islands: a properly trained and sustained workforce, distribution challenges, fluctuations in the business demand, finding and/or creating the future leaders of tomorrow.
The Caribbean market is typically very seasonal. Most of our members are gearing up for their busiest time of year now. How do you keep numbers up in the slow and shoulder season?
We do rely on local guests using the spas in peak and non peak seasons. For us, however, we take advantage of the slower months to focus on training of new services and making sure that we are maintaining our treatment protocols and standard operating procedures.

Click here to find out more about Sandals International & Caribbean Spa Association.

'Get All Right' with Patrick Huey of Sandals Resorts

Patrick Huey is Corporate Director of spa, fitness, and tennis operations for Sandals Resorts International (SRI) and is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. However, with 27 properties in over 7 countries, you will find Patrick moving, shaking and playing tennis allover the Caribbean. 

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