Leaders Do Not Create Followers, They Create More Leaders

What is a lesson you have learned as a Wellness & Spa Industry leader?  

“I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.” Maya Angelou

Wherever you are in your career-path, WE all began somewhere. Perhaps you did not envision being a leader. Your leadership path may be one that chose you or one that you were thrust into. However, you were set on this path, evidence shows that those who are actively in a mentor/ mentee relationship see just reward. 

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Research has documented that those who have been mentored receive substantial benefits such as higher promotion rates, greater career satisfaction and higher overall compensation. The mentor and mentee both have subjective forms of career success including positive fulfillment regarding one’s job and career.

The Global Wellness Institute, (GWI) is predicting globally we will need an additional 600,000 spa employees by 2018 and 80,000 of those will need to be experienced Spa Managers.  The time is now to get involved in encouraging others to set about a career-path in Spa & Wellness! 

WE are asking you to share a Spa and Wellness Leadership tip to inspire others to continue mentoring or become a mentee to strength our industry. To do this share a photo of you and your staff on social media. Utilize the #WeWellnessLeaders and WE will reward 2 entries to our WEJamaica event on November 30th.  Only 1 lucky Spa Director and their Mentee will be chosen, so share your leadership tip today!

To join us in the Global Wellness Institute’s- Career Development Initiative:  

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2)     Share your success story to be featured on Spa & Wellness Careers by emailing us here.

3)     Learn more about the Global Internship Program by visiting here.


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