The Jane Iredale Retail Tower

I just finished Spatec in Florida and had the pleasure of doing set up with Jennifer Thompson, Dir. of Business Development US and Caribbean, our very good friend and Diamond Sponsor from jane iredale.

Their newest marketing tool to the trade is amazing! It’s an all-in-one RETAIL TOWER display that has a very tiny foot print and is loaded with all their top sellers on it. Whether you carry jane iredale as back-bar, are doing a wedding or already sell their products in your retail line-up, the new RETAIL TOWER fits anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 5 room or 50 room operation, this add-on RETAIL TOWER fits the bill!
It is designed with much thought as each shelf is color coded for inventory and product selection to instantly engage the shopper. The RETAIL TOWER is so efficient that it won't require a full-time sales person to manage it. In fact, clients will find it very easy to walk around, make selections and pay on the way out! I love the option of casters, the built-in mirrors (no need to go find one) and its “fit anywhere” design makes it perfect for a 5-star, destination or your day spa! Let’s talk ROI, yes, you can turn up to $7,000 in revenue from the RETAIL TOWER and it makes taking inventory a snap! Kudos to the jane iredale team, they listened and they responded, truly a 'solution oriented' design!

Thanks, and I am excited for you to see it! - Allan Share


Here are some details at a glance:

  • All-in-one – Displays top-selling items with testers and retail stock on a small footprint.
  • Easy to use – Smart design makes product and shade selection engaging for the shopper.
  • Efficient – No need for a dedicated staff to work the display. Informative graphic cards educate quickly and the three sides maximize your space.
  • Flexible – Freestanding unit easily moves on casters.
  • Elegant – Artistically crafted with an etched floral mirror that compliments all retail

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